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Emmerentia du Plessis is a faculty member at
the School of Nursing Science, North-West University. She is a psychiatric nurse and interested in Presence and relational care. Emmerentia and a team of researchers aim to gain a deeper understanding of Presence in different contexts in nursing.

Petro Benadé, also a faculty member at the School of Nursing Science, NWU, is a PhD candidate conducting research to explore good care to older persons through presence practices. She aims to design, development and evaluate an intervention to promote good care to older persons. Emmerentia and Prof Siedine Coetzee (NWU) are guiding Petro in this study.

Rudo Ramalisa, faculty member of the Department of Nursing at the Vaal University of Technology, joins the research team as PhD candidate, and intends to develop a model to facilitate attentiveness in mental healthcare nurses who practice mindfulness. Rudo will conduct this research within the theoretical framework of Pierre Bourdieu, acknowledging the phenomenon ‘habitus’. Dr Suegnét Scholtz (NWU) is involved in this research as co-promoter.

Kathleen Froneman is a colleague at the School of Nursing Science (NWU), and also a PhD candidate, exploring presence and reflection in nursing education. Dr Anneke van Graan (NWU) is part of this study as co-promoter.

Babs Tau, a faculty member at the School of Nursing Science (NWU), intends to pursue doctoral studies relating to relational management in nursing.

Dr Precious Chibuike Chukwuere is a post-doctoral fellow in the NuMIQ research focus area. He is developing a research programme focussing on the mental health of adolescents, and he is passionate about integrating caring presence as well as organisational, patient, nurse and system outcomes in his research work. He is working under supervision of Prof Siedine Coetzee and Prof Emmerentia du Plessis

Beauty Zulu works as nurse educator at the Gauteng College of nursing. She is pursuing a doctoral study in nursing, with the topic: Development of strategies to strengthen clinical accompaniment and support of nursing students: Embracing Caring Presence. Prof Miriam Moagi is the co-promoter in this study.

Christelle Oukouomi Noutchie, a mental health care specialist working at a psychiatric hospital, is planning doctoral research to explore and describe the effectiveness of an online course on presence. Prof Daleen Koen is the co-promoter, and Dr Elly Beurskens from the Presence Foundation in the Netherlands is involved as consultant.

Lillian Kalimashe, works as a mental health care specialist in the West Rand sub-district. She is reading towards registration as a doctoral student. Her topic of interest is strategies for enhancing the practice of nursing presence in primary health care through exploring the role of leadership in primary healthcare. She established in her masters degree study that there is a positive relationship between nursing presence and the medication adherence of mental health care users, and therefore argues that if the nursing presence of nurses working in primary health care can be encouraged by the leadership/management of primary health care clinics, ultimately the medication adherence of mental health care users will improve. The co-promoter involved is Prof Leepile Sehularo, and Dr Jan den Bakker, Presence Foundation, Netherlands, will be involved as consultant.

The following team members obtained their masters degrees in nursing, focusing on presence in nursing as their research topic:

  • Lilly Kalimashe: The relationship between mental health care users’ medication adherence and the caring presence of registered nurses in primary health care clinics in the West-Rand Health District. Completed Nov 2019.
  • Tiisetso Mofokeng: Nurse educators’ role in modelling presence to nursing students at the North-West Public Nursing Colleges, co-supervisor: Mrs Kathleen Froneman. Completed Nov 2019.
  • Christelle Oukouomi Noutchie: The cultivation of caring presence in nurses: a systematic review, co-supervisor: Mrs Babs Tau. Completed Nov 2018.
  • Ronèl Hobbs: Professional nurses’ lived experience of caring presence in a rural public hospital, co-supervisor: Mrs P Benadé. Completed Nov 2017.
  • Roselyn Motaung: Exploring nursing presence as an approach to prevent relapse of discharged mental health care users. Completed Nov 2017.
  • Precious Motshabi: Perceptions of nurses at a public mental healthcare establishment in the North West Province on factors limiting presence, co-supervisor: Mr Francois Watson. Completed April 2020.
  • Avhatakali Mphephu: Professional nurses’ experience when caring for women experiencing intimate partner violence: a caring presence study. Completed March 2021.

We are continuing with the following masters degree studies on topics relating to presence:

  • Marcel Mather: The correlation between nursing presence, burnout and the practice environment in nurses in a mental healthcare establishment, co-supervisor: Mrs Kathleen Froneman.
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