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Listening beyond my way of seeing – Dr Christo Naudé

Dr Christo Naudé ignites new reflections on presence. He maintains that presence is deep listening to self, listening beyond my own way of seeing and doing. Presence entails engaging with our own perceptions, and with the environment to bring forth transforming into what and who we need to be in that moment, to be of service. He challenges us to be open to new awareness, leading to action and transformation. We are part of the bigger whole, and we need to open our minds to what we see and how we see. Christo is involved in the ‘South Africa in Dialogue’, an initiative through Social Justice. On the 16th of December, he and his team want to engage in dialogue to make South Africa aware of the importance of dialogue in a way that each person is heard. To learn more, contact Christo at or the Association of Mediators (Social Justice) at Christo is also involved as a counsellor at MOBIEG, an online counselling service with wonderful services, such as trauma and grief counselling. To know more, visit

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