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Edited collection (book) on Presence in Nursing

Our book ‘Reflecting on presence in nursing: A guide for practice and research’ was published during April 2021. Please visit
to preview and purchase the book.

More about the book:

Presence is essential in a relational profession such as nursing. Presence means to connect with and attune to another for the purpose of healing and enrichment. However, nursing requires being task-focused, and having urgency in interactions and exactness in procedures, leading to a loss in relational connection. Nursing can also be emotionally draining, leaving nurses functioning in a robot-like manner to protect themselves. A reawakening to the joy of nursing and a
rediscovery of Presence as an essential practice in the healing of patients is thus a crucial and salient topic in nursing.

This book answers burning questions such as why Presence is important for nursing.
Using this book as a resource can help nurses to think about connecting, attuning, finding meaning and joy and delivering nursing care in relational way and in tune with the specific needs of the patient. This book equips nurse educators and trainers interested in cultivating Presence in nursing. Healthcare managers will benefit from the chapter on promoting quality in healthcare through relational leadership.

This book also has valuable new information to offer to the researcher interested in presence and related concepts such as relational care and relational leadership in health care.

Caring presence: the gift of human connection
Caring presence: our research journey so far
The roots of Presence                                        
Caring presence: an invitation to join the journey


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